Sunday, September 27, 2009

Getting ready to get ready.

Since you last heard from me, we've been (1) enjoying Seattle's most spectacular summer ever and (2) fixing up the house to sell it.

That's really about it.

Summer was so wonderful that we really didn't get to the whole house thing until far too late. But we finally did get the place pretty enough to list it a week and a half ago. There have already been three open houses and another one is coming up in an hour. There's nothing really to do but wait for that one hour to pass . . . so I thought it was the right time to relaunch this wacky blog.

Destiny, our RV and home for the month of October, has been in the shop for weeks and weeks. She needed some extensive body work. The other stuff required ordering parts. And since we weren't going to go on the road until October 1, the deadline for getting her back slipped out to tomorrow.

That means we haven't had her available for loading yet. We'll be doing that Tuesday and Wednesday.

Yeah. That's pretty insane. We (and by "we," I mean Ross) are going to be tired before we start. But we have a lovely itinerary planned across these United States. We'll be visiting family and friends along the way. We'll be taking our time. And that will be a little different, too, from many of our past trips.

We'll be hauling the Honda behind us. They say that doesn't make an enormous difference in how you drive -- except you can never, ever back up without unhitching the car first.

And, of course, the dogs will be riding with us -- soaking up the scenery, napping in the sunshine, chatting up the people at the rest stops.

I sure hope the house sells quickly!


Karin said...

Looking forward to seeing you! :)

Nita said...

Will your itinerary include Cumberalnd, Maryland? Any time would be wonderful, but if you're planning on continuing your tour through November, Thanksgiving would be great! Randy and Rick will be here.

Carolyn Hansen said...

Nita -- We won't be getting quite THAT far east this time. And we hope to make it to Casa Gecko by October 30. But Thanksgiving sounds like it will be great fun at your house.

Martha Wharton said...

Thanks for posting your blog URL in your FB profile. I tried it without the "s" and got a really random guy named David. His only post is five lines in 2006. Hope he's feeling better.

Call me if you need a packing break. I still can't believe you're really leaving!!!!!