Monday, October 5, 2009

I admit that I am powerless.

When you hit bottom, there's no place to go but up. We're now at 3,200 feet here in Missoula. I guess that means things are looking up.

The bottom? Yesterday, we found ourselves at the side of a country road with a dead RV, a dead tow car and no cell service.

Ross can explain better than I what happened, but here's how I understand it.

1. We had a coolant leak, causing the RV to overheat.
2. The leak shorted out the alternator, so the chassis batteries weren't getting charged.
3. Because the batteries were dead, we couldn't start the generator.
4. There's something else weird wrong with our electrical system, so the coach battery isn't working either. (Don't know why, yet.)
5. I accidentally left the fan on in the car all day while it was being towed, so its battery died, too. (Lesson #2: learned.)
6. There's perfectly good cell service in St. Regis, Montana -- but not three miles away at Exit 37.

Ross thought he was going to have to walk those three miles back to St. Regis -- but, fortunately, the only car we saw on that road we pulled off on, stopped to jump-start the Honda. That's when things started looking better.

We called the RV towing service we signed up for and they sent out Sam, who got the generator started on Destiny. Then we made a little caravan to Missoula with me and the dogs in front in the Honda, Ross driving Destiny in the middle, and Sam the tow truck guy in the back -- for moral support. And he came from Missoula anyway. We did need him along the way, so thank goodness.

We stayed overnight at Jellystone RV Park. Yes. Really. It's not as glamorous as it sounds.

The RV towing people found us a repair place and they're working on Destiny now. We're staying at the La Quinta.

I was able to spend all day working -- first at a restaurant with wi-fi and now here at the hotel. So at least I got some stuff done!


Karin said...

Oh my.. Well...I hope things turn around in the whole repair department! And...I have a lot of good memories from Jellystone parks (from when I was 14 or our kids

Seriously...thinking of you and hoping you're rolling out soon.


Martha Wharton said...

OK, you're starting to building up your sympathy point account. Really, I'm very sorry you had such a rough start. That means it will be much better from now on, right?

And happy birthday to you both!!!!!

Anita Steele said...


So what's your email address now? The isn't working anymore.

Karin said...

Hey..are you out there? Helllooooooooooo......